Eating Disorders

Having worked with eating disorders since the beginning of my career in 1989, including many years at the Renfrew Center in Philadelphia, I bring experience , knowledge and skills to tackling this difficult challenge. Given the complicated nature of eating disorders I believe that it is essential to form a multi -disciplinary team of professionals which might include a physician, psychiatrist, nutritionist, school based support person as well as individual and family therapist. Eating disorders don’t just effect individuals but relationships as well as entire family systems. I support the entire system and utilize their strengths to help the individual struggling to regain balance in their life. I am trained in an approach called Family Based Therapy (also known as the Maudsley Approach) to achieve symptom remission and restore health while keeping patients out of the hospital. The results of this approach are significantly higher and more lasting than the traditional approach.



We can’t selectively numb emotions. When we numb the darkness we numb the light.  ~Brene Brown

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